Stuck at Home

Game Start!

You and your friends have finally set aside time to play this stange SBurb game, picking a nice Saturday morning to get things done. Micheal had won a game contest previously, and awarded each of your friends a copy of the game already, so all that was required was to install and play. You decided to offer your friend Kristin a place in this game, but apparently she was playing with some of your other friends, though she proved to have some information about the game for you. With the idea of a timer for the game, Andrew and Micheal were selected to test the waters of this new game. It became clear rather quickly that this game was much different from other games, and that the server player could see the client player and change positions of items in their house.

It became clear rather quickly that each player did have a time limit, displayed on something called a Cruxetruder. Besides popping out a Cruxite Dowel, it also released a Sprite, one of the only things the SBurb guide was clear on. However, what became evident was that the timer had some connection with a Meteor, headed directly to Micheal’s house. Kang and Andy worked quickly to get their task completed, and thrust Kang’s house into a strange new place, safe from the meteor. The pressure was on for the rest of The Players to get going and make sure time did not run out before their houses got demolished.

With some quick game manuvering the rest got their houses saftly away, each entering a land of their own. Their Prototyped spirites told them their titles, and the name of the land, and tired to be helpful as far as they could. Michael played The World Pipes with some help from the more musically inclied players and Kim discovered there were imps running around the lands. But that was only the begining.

To be Continued…



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