Stuck at Home

Meeting The Doctor

After The Players got through the preliminaries a battle tutorial totally did not occur, and yet they found themselves with much handy Grist to play around with. However, almost immediatly by some sort of fortune, Kang was pestered by some unknown party. They had no chumhandle and offered no name. Free to select the a name for the mysterious person Micheal dubbed them The Doctor, which seemed fine enough a title for them. They conversed for some time, before Micheal thought things were getting far too weird and tried to end the conversation. The Doctor did not seemed to be pleased at this and suggested that he fall asleep. The urge to do so was overwhelming, and Micheal fell asleep, much to the bemusment of his server player Andy. He soon found himself in a strange dream world, and quickly found Joey sleeping therein. But some stroke of luck he woke the sleeping player in the dream world, making Joey fall asleep in the Land of Rays and Roil. They began to explore the purple colored dream world they landed in to find out what was going on.

Meanwhile Kim and Andy were slightly perplexed as to how both of their freinds had taken such and inopertune time to nap when Kim got a pester from The Doctor. The Docotr offered to answer some of her questions about SBurb, and revealed some helpful information about Denizens and cryptic information about why they were there. He then offered to send her on an adventure, which she accepted after informing Andy about the entire conversation. Kim then fell asleep and woke up in a yellow tinted dream world, and found a sleeping Andy, who she mannaged to wake up.

Both pairs of dreamers met with an Observer, each located in an observatory and both attempting to help the dreamers if they could. Joey and Micheal were informed of an Eclipse, which sounded fairly ominous and hours in the future. Kim and Andy were offered glances at the planets, observing their worlds and that of Derse, the purple planet. Both pairs then elected to visit their dream land’s monarch, the Black Queen and the White Queen. By some sort of magic they all left favorable impressions on the royalty, who answered some questions for them. Most importantly, they discovered that the Black Royalty were often what Players were supposed to fight against, but that need not be the case. As The Doctor suggsted, it seemed that there were many ways to play this game.

After the parties left the dream world and woke they had time to mull over what they knew and decide how to proceed.



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