Kim Bidler(villainousEvoker)

A gamer, writer, doodler and lover of cartoons~!


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You are an ENGLISH MAJOR in college and the ODD ONE OUT in the group of mostly computer science majors.

You are currently UNEMPLOYED but are looking for a job since you are almost BROKE. Your INTERESTS include VIDEOGAMES OF THE NINTENDO-KIND and WELL MADE AMERICAN CARTOONS. You enjoy to DRAW and think you can well enough to GET A POINT ACROSS. You enjoy WRITING and wish that your MAJOR applied more to that then READING STUFF BY DEAD WHITE GUYS. You read FANFICTION and indulge in the pastime yourself but you only read what is RECOMMENDED BY TV TROPES. You are trying to make FANFICION AT LEAST A LITTLE LESS HORRIBLE by showing people the good types. In addition to your indulgence in fanfiction, you also role play online, preferring the slower pace of one on one role plays. It is your goal in life to be a PUBLISHED AUTHOR OF THE URBAN FANTASY KIND, preferably popular as to make a living off of.

Your pesterchum handle is villainousEvoker and you type in a dark red color.

Phobia: feeling useless or powerless. Being lost in a new place, even worse when unable to speak the language.

Kim Bidler(villainousEvoker)

Stuck at Home Malconvoker