Congratulations! One of your friends has won a contest for a free beta version of a new game coming out! Since the game is so heavy dependent on multi-player they were awarded multiple copies, one of which has been given to you. Most people have to pay, but you lucky duck get it for free.

From consulting your internet sources, you have found that you have to chain your games together in order to play them. The more people you want to play on the same session, the longer you have to go without having the chain completed. The person chained to is the Server and the person who chained to them is the Client. Apparently the Server player can influence the Client’s game in some matters. The internet is not entirely forth coming on what exactly the plot of this game is, but you might as well try it, as you got it for free.

Apparently this game also is related to your Sylladex in some fashion. Some sort of compatibility in some respect. You aren’t entirely clear on why this would be.

As you have started to play Sburb, a couple of things have become apparent. The Server player can move objects in the client player’s home, but the client player has more freedom for movement. The Server and client work together to let the player progress in the game.

Each player also has a different land in which they maneuver, and a title which they hold. You suspect both the land names and the titles are important, and their definitions are slightly variable. With help from your sprites it has been determined that passing through gates will progress a player through the game.

It has been revealed that each land has a Denizen for the Player to fight, acting as a sort of boss for that land. It has been implied that they need to be unlocked for the lands, and that in some lands they disturb the consorts that live there. The nature of these Denizens are largly unknown.

It has been implied that the Players usually fight against the Black Queen and the Dersites, but the path leading to the conflict is less clear. The imps are fairly obvious, but other then that, there is not a lot of evidence on how Players come in contact with them outside of dreaming. It may have more to do with Skaia, the battle field and prize for the warring monarchs.

And that’s all you know.


Stuck at Home Shoki