A Sylladex is a way you carry items. It is a rather abstract device, and it has different forms depending on what version your have. Since it is rather difficult to quantify, the different kinds will be discussed here, not the device as a whole.

MaxHeap Used by codeEnthusiast

The MaxHeap Sylladex is a rather complicated Sylladex. Each item is given a value that is equivalent to the numerical value of letters that compose the title. For example, a sock is put in the Sylladex. S=19 O=15 C=3 K=11 so the total is 48, so the item is entered in at that value. The largest value is the root, lower values are not available to be taken out. For ease of use this will be left here. This Sylladex, due to its complicated nature, has 30 cards to put items on, and the same kind of item can be placed on one card. No item more then five by five feet can be put in the Sylladex. Items that are used together must be within 1 height of each other.

Circularly Linked List Used by dapperFedora

The Circularly Linked List is a particularly easy method of holding items. In a empty Sylladex, the item is simply picked up, and can be used again. Items are then grabbed, and the usable item can be switched by cycling through the Sylladex. With the ease of use, this Sylladex has five cards available to use. As before, the same kind of item can stack and no item greater then five by five feet can be put in the Sylladex. In this Sylladex, items that are used together must be adjacent in the list.

Taboo Used by villainousEvoker

The Taboo Sylladex is a tricky system for both getting items in and out. In order to put and item into the Sylladex, the item to put in must be described without using the name of the item or its synonyms. The method for taking items out is the same. If a description matches both an item outside a list and an item already in the list, the item in the list takes precedent. Vague descriptions can result in multiple items being picked up, or ejected. For quick use a craft(writing) check is used. This Sylladex has twelve cards available to use. Items must be no greater then five feet by five feet and items of the same kind are automatically picked up if in the same area and stacked on the same card. Items that need to be used together must have two successful checks.

Tetris Used by disgruntledJanitor

Much like the Taboo Sylladex, the Tetris Sylladex requires skill to put items in and to take them out. In order to get or eject an item, the user must play Tetris, and get at least a certain score. For this a Computers check is required. Failure can result in random items being picked up. This Sylladex has twelve cards for use and items no greater then five feet by five feet can be put on a card. Similar items may stack and items use in conjunction need two checks.

Sing Along Used by ungluedClarinetist

This Sylladex makes it easy to put items in, but selecting an item can be a gamble. When a item is selected to be taken out, a random song is selected on the user’s MP3 player. A portion of the song is played, and when the music stops, the next singable portion of the song must be sung in order to get the item. Failure results in a random item being flung out of the Sylladex. Knowledge(pop culture) check is used for checking this. This Sylladex has 10 cards available. No item more then five by five feet can be put in this Sylladex and items that are used together require two consecutive successes with singing along.


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